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Design a user-friendly interface for "Flow AR Glasses," a state-of-the-art Smart Glasses concept. As the lead UX/UI designer, my role was to innovate a design that offers an ambient and intuitive user experience for retail environments, leveraging AR technology to blend digital convenience with physical shopping experiences.

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In an age where convenience is king, the retail industry is at a crossroads. The challenge? To marry the instant gratification of online shopping with the tactile satisfaction of the in-store experience. Enter the Flow AR Glasses: an augmented reality interface designed to bridge this divide. This case study explores the journey from concept to prototype, all driven by a deep dive into the user experience.


A rigorous research approach was essential to capture the full spectrum of customer and employee experiences within the retail space. Through a series of interviews, I gathered narratives that revealed both the high points of shopping satisfaction and the low points of frustration.

Customer Quotes:

"Just the other day, I got lost in the mall again. I wasted so much time. There should be an app or something that guides me through step by step." — Customer on Navigational Challenges
"I love that 'aha' moment when I find a product that feels like it was made for me. That's when shopping feels truly personal." — Customer on Personalized Experiences

Retail Worker Quotes:

"There's a clear pattern: when the store's busy, customers get neglected, and they leave without buying anything. It's a lose-lose situation." — Retail Worker on Efficient Customer Service
"We have all these promotions, but customers often overlook them. We need a way to highlight these deals directly to them, at the right time." — Retail Worker on Timely Promotions

Problem Space

Drawing from the interviews, I identified several key customer and business insights:

Customer Insights:

  • Shoppers experience significant frustration when trying to navigate large, crowded malls.
  • There's a need for readily available product information.
  • Shoppers desire a personalized experience that makes them feel understood and valued.
  • Customers want to be intentional with their purchases, avoiding impulse buying.

Business Insights:

  • Efficient customer service is crucial for maximizing sales.
  • Timely and targeted promotions can significantly increase the likelihood of purchases.

Ideation & Design

Through the insights that filtered through my interviews, the Flow AR Glasses were born to bring the convenience and personalization of online shopping to the real world of retail malls.


Smart Glasses User Interface

Sketch UI Flow AR
Sketch of Product Details
Immerse users, don’t distract them. Try to interrupt your AR world as little as you can. Get users into the experience, and then get out of the way. — Google, ARcore

Google's ARcore provided me a wealth of knowledge to access on the foundational UX/UI principles of designing for augmented reality. I learned to make the experience as nonintrusive as possible, facilitating the users needs at their personal use case.

Sketch of Personalized Recommendations

To further specialize my understanding of how users normally interact with retail spaces I went back to the mall. This time not to ask questions, but rather to observe how people naturally interact with their surroundings.

Sketch of navigational interface

I was able to locate certain points of free space was still part of a brands real estate but could be used as a plane for a digital interaction that would connect the user with the store based on their personal style.

Sketch of highlighted wish listed product

Each interaction built to guide users through interactions they would find while online shopping but in a physical space.

Mid-Fidelity & Testing

With the foundational ideas in place, I moved on to Figma for wire-framing and Adobe illustrator for graphical elements. These tools allowed me to translate my sketches into mid fidelity prototypes.

First iterations of UI

After some trial and error, I quickly found that web design principles, in lots of cases, does not directly translate to an AR experience. Especially in terms of information architecture as customers are less likely to read things up close but rather glance from their current or moving range.

Iteration of UI Design of Product Details

For those reasons, it made more sense to reduce the amount of white space and increase the text size, while keeping a users priorities in mind.

Iteration of UI of Product Recommendation

Slowly, after many iterations the UI elements and use of space were starting to make sense. I could soon move on to high fidelity once I tested and retested these designs with peers.

Lo-fi Voice Assistant UI for Customer Checkout

Final Design Solutions

The culmination of the Flow AR Glasses project is a suite of finely tuned features, each crafted to address specific needs identified through meticulous research and user testing. The final design is a testament to the project's core objective: to enhance the retail shopping experience through augmented reality. Here’s a snapshot of the key features brought to life:

Personalized Shopping Experience

The AR Glasses enhance the browsing experience by alerting shoppers to items that match their preferences and past search behaviors, simulating the feel of a curated personal shopping session. Also matching business needs by showing available promotions for desired customers.

Interactive Product Details

Addressing the need for accessible information, this feature allows shoppers to view details like size, color, and price by simply looking at a product. It eliminates the wait for store assistance and enriches the decision-making process.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Wishlist Spotlight

When users wishlist items online, these are highlighted by the AR Glasses in-store, making it effortless to locate desired products. This feature bridges the gap between online browsing and in-store purchasing, bringing a new level of convenience to the shopping experience.

Personalized Shopping Experience

In our fast-paced world, impulse buys are all too common. The Flow AR Glasses counteract this by providing a rundown of items the user has interacted with or plans to purchase, encouraging thoughtful spending and reducing buyer's remorse.

Video of Full User Journey with Flow AR Glasses

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