Fortnite UI Redesign

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Fortnite's end-of-match interface currently lacks a natural exit point, leading to continuous and often mindless gameplay that fosters addiction. The design promotes an "infinite treadmill" experience, encouraging players to immediately join the next game upon the end of a match. This structure is particularly problematic as it exploits the player's desire for success, recognized as the core motivational driver in Fortnite's gameplay.

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Final Design Solutions

The culmination of the Flow AR Glasses project is a suite of finely tuned features, each crafted to address specific needs identified through meticulous research and user testing. The final design is a testament to the project's core objective: to enhance the retail shopping experience through augmented reality. Here’s a snapshot of the key features brought to life:

Personalized Shopping Experience

The AR Glasses enhance the browsing experience by alerting shoppers to items that match their preferences and past search behaviors, simulating the feel of a curated personal shopping session. Also matching business needs by showing available promotions for desired customers.

Interactive Product Details

Addressing the need for accessible information, this feature allows shoppers to view details like size, color, and price by simply looking at a product. It eliminates the wait for store assistance and enriches the decision-making process.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Wishlist Spotlight

When users wishlist items online, these are highlighted by the AR Glasses in-store, making it effortless to locate desired products. This feature bridges the gap between online browsing and in-store purchasing, bringing a new level of convenience to the shopping experience.

Personalized Shopping Experience

In our fast-paced world, impulse buys are all too common. The Flow AR Glasses counteract this by providing a rundown of items the user has interacted with or plans to purchase, encouraging thoughtful spending and reducing buyer's remorse.

Video of Full User Journey with Flow AR Glasses

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